Welcome to Genfa Group website

GENFA GROUP is a solid pharmaceutical company formed by a group of seasoned multidisciplinary professionals who are committed to excellence, high quality of service and an ongoing improvement. We license-in and market selected generic pharmaceutical products. The existence of generic products on the market encourages competition, causes price reduction which grants the population an easier access to essential medicines.

We see our work as a day-to-day contribution to improve, protect and care for human life. Our broad product portfolio of high quality prescription products is used mostly in a hospital setting; it is designed to meet the needs of patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Our products improve the safety, effectiveness and costs of patient care. We believe that we offer a distinct value to patients as well as to physicians.

To supplement internal efforts in support of its business strategies, the Company continually evaluates business development opportunities and alliances that it believes will strengthen its product portfolio and help grow its market share. As Genfa continues its growth strategy, the Company expects that business development activities will continue to increase.